Major Wind Power Project Developers rely on EuroSkyPark

For the communication connection of wind farms – onshore and offshore – EuroSkyPark is the preferred partner for large project developers. Long experience and extraordinarily stable connections are the reason for brisk demand.

Successful Factory Acceptence Test for Dolwin 5

Blackout security for the energy transition: ESP specializes in high system requirements, even for the transmission of SCADA data, and can guarantee blackout security even in the harsh environment of the North Sea.

Hydropower Plants in the Alps

Using a satellite link to transmit data from the various substations to the control center in Chalais. The result is highly successful: one way to space and back is a highly cost-effective way to overcome any peak.

Monitoring unmanned installations

Monitoring from orbit: To monitor the safety and operation/functionality of unmanned installations, an innovative approach has been taken at the Ludwigshafen industrial power plant.

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